Choices2: Reaching Out – the Crisis Centre’s highly acclaimed youth suicide prevention educational package

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Choices2: Reaching Out is a leader in a new generation of teen suicide prevention educational tools. The video and workshop package prepares youth to reach out to get help for themselves and their peers to overcome suicidal feelings. Reviews from classroom and professional audiences are filled with praise for this powerful docu-drama.

The DVD is supplemented with a curriculum guide and slide presentation to help you custom build a youth suicide prevention workshop around the video.

REACHING OUT: a classroom video For several months, Sarah has been watching her friend Jason change. He seems down all the time. He’s drinking a lot. He spends most of his time alone. Sarah decides to reach out and help. She finds the courage to ask Jason if he’s considering suicide and takes the time to listen to how he has been feeling. Sarah tells Jason she can’t keep his secret, and persists until he reaches out to an uncle and a school counselor for support. Interwoven through Sarah and Jason’s story are interviews with five young adults who were touched by suicide when they were in high school. As they share their experiences, viewers learn first hand about warning signs to watch for, the importance of asking about suicide directly, and the value of listening with an open heart and mind. The speakers also share the impact of reaching out – to help a friend and to get help for themselves – and recognize the friends, adults and professionals who made a difference. (21 minutes)

CONDUCTING A RISK ASSESSMENT: a professional development tool Mr. Benton, a high school counselor, discovers that Jason, the student who has “dropped in” to see him, is contemplating suicide. Mr. Benton conducts a risk assessment, helps Jason create a safety plan, and recommends treatment and follow up support. (13 minutes)

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For more information, contact the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC: or 604-872-1811

Choices2: Reaching Out is generously supported in part by funds from the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation.